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Tuesday, 20.08.2019
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PHiE 2019, 100(2)

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Probl Hig Epidemiol 2019, 100(1): 18-22pl

Professional burnout among security guards

Agata Madej 1/, Marta Makara-Studzińska 2/

1/ Gabinet Psychologiczno-Psychoterapeutyczny w Biłgoraju
2/ Zakład Psychologii Zdrowia, Wydział Nauk o Zdrowiu, Collegium Medicum, Uniwersytet Jagielloński w Krakowie

Among the threats to the health of employees are hazards of a psychosocial nature. Stress generating conditions at work and emerging pathological phenomena, such as mobbing or workaholism are some of the psychological costs employees may have to face. This results in poorer work performance and reduced efficiency. The performance of various types of profession involves the risk of exposure to stress. An inseparable aspect of the work of security guards is the permanent threat to health and life. They are exposed to a heavy emotional burden, which over a prolonged period may lead to symptoms of professional burnout, which forms the subject of this article. To this end, Polish and foreign articles were analyzed.

Key words:  work psychology, mobbing, workaholism, professional burnout, security guard, coping with stress