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Tuesday, 20.08.2019
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PHiE 2019, 100(2)

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Probl Hig Epidemiol 2019, 100(1): 36-41pl

Level of physical fitness and nutritional status among air cavalry soldiers

Andrzej Tomczak 1/, Dariusz Jaciubek 2/, Anna Kłos 3/, Izabela Bolczyk 4/, Jerzy Bertrandt 3/

1/ Akademia Sztuki Wojennej w Warszawie
2/ Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego Józefa Piłsudskiego w Warszawie, Filia w Białej Podlaskiej
3/ Wojskowy Instytut Higieny i Epidemiologii w Warszawie
4/ Komenda Główna Straży Granicznej w Warszawie

Introduction. Air cavalry soldiers perform tasks using helicopters, which gives them the ability to undertake surprise manoeuvres on the battlefield. The military service tasks of air cavalry soldiers are similar to that of assault-force troops. Their achievement requires above average psychophysical preparation.
Aim. To determine the level of physical fitness and nutritional status of air cavalry soldiers.
Materials & method. A total of 400 air cavalry soldiers aged 25-55 underwent the study´s tests. The physical fitness tests carried out included: running a distance of 3000 metres, relay runs of 10 x 10 metres, pull-ups on bar, and sit-ups for a period of 2 minutes. Nutritional status was determined by means of the BMI ratio.
Results. The air cavalry soldiers tested achieved the following average physical fitness results: 3000 metre run - in 14.0 min, pull-ups on bars - 14.5 repeated pull-ups, sit-ups - 62.4 repeated sit-ups and the 10 x 10 metre relay run - in 29.5 s. It was found that 66.7% of the soldiers tested under the age of 30 were overweight, while among the group aged over 30, some 53.9% were overweight and 11.5% suffered from obesity.
Conclusion. Air cavalry soldiers are characterized by a much higher level of physical fitness than soldiers of the Polish Army in general. According to BMI criteria, half of the air force personnel are overweight and 11% are obese.

Key words:  physical fitness, nutritional status, soldiers, air cavalry