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Sunday, 02.04.2023
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PHiE 2019, 100(2)

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Probl Hig Epidemiol 2019, 100(2): 115-123pl

Attitudes and opinions of parents of children at the age of up to 6 years who inhabit the Silesian province concerning vaccination in relation to the implementation of obligatory vaccinations

Sylwia Duda, Anna Głogowska-Gruszka, Marta Buczkowska

Katedra Toksykologii i Uzależnień, Wydział Zdrowia Publicznego w Bytomiu, Śląski Uniwersytet Medyczny w Katowicach

Introduction. Research shows that for the past few years the increasing occurrence of unvaccinated children has become a serious problem. The increased number of parents preventing children from being vaccinated, and parents who deliberately delay the continuation of vaccination, results in a recurrence of eradicated illnesses or the incidence of sporadic illnesses.
Aim. The purpose of the work is to compare attitudes and opinions between parents declaring that they vaccinate their children and parents who do not vaccinate their children.
Material & methods. The work was based on the results of a questionnaire survey which was designed by the author and carried out in the Silesian province. The study enrolled a population of 302 parents of children aged 0-6. The first group - parents who vaccinated their children, the second group - parents who avoided selected vaccines, or who declared that they had not vaccinated their children at all.
Results. Parents declaring lack of vaccination of their children or avoiding selected vaccines have a predisposition to extremely negative attitudes towards vaccination, negating their safety and efficacy. The vast majority (90.9%) of non-vaccinating parents believe that vaccines available in Poland pose a threat to the health and life of children. They also express the opinion that vaccination against infectious diseases was not needed (75.5%).
Conclusion. Non-vaccinating parents show an extremely negative point of view on vaccination, unlike parents who vaccinate their children. Parents declaring lack of children´s vaccinations have low levels of trust in medical staff, and their primary source of knowledge about immunization is the Internet.

Key words:  immunization, vaccine injury, attitudes to vaccination, parents