ISSN 1895-4316
Thursday, 23.05.2024
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PHiE 2019, 100(2)

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JOURNALS Problemy Higieny i Epidemiologii

Quarterly ISSN 1895-4316 - format 205x290mm, about 80 pages, published since 2005, continuation of „Problemy Higieny” published since 1977.
Scientific journal - dedicated mainly to preventive medicine and covering wide area of public health and traditional hygiene including social medicine, environmental medicine and medical statistics. These ambitious goals will be feasible to achieve only when authors from scientific and research institutes, universities and medical universities, physical education universities, agricultural universities and National Sanitary Inspection will submit papers to our journal. HYGEIA public health

Quarterly ISSN 1509-1945 - format 205x290mm, about 120 pages, published since 2010.
The quarterly HYGEIA public health is the second quarterly of the Polish Society of Hygiene ( - after Problemy Higieny i Epidemiologii ( It is a continuation of Hygeia journal published between 1998-2004. It publishes papers from a broad spectrum of public health problems. Polish Journal of Cosmetology

Quarterly ISSN 1731-0083 - format 205x290mm, about 80 pages, published since 1998
Scientific journal - containing, in Polish and English versions, review and original articles on physical, chemical and biological aspects of cosmetology and related domains, such as: dermatology, immunology, microbiology, chemistry and sensorics. Besides, the quarterly includes articles which present some cosmetical companies with their technological achievements, products and cosmetic procedures.